Photos by Maarit Kytöharju

©2019 by Linda Suolahti.




Since 2016 Kokonainen has been spreading the word of equality in music and especially equality between genders by pointing out unknown and forgotten female composers. Organization founded and artistically ran by Linda Suolahti and Mari Viluksela.

Kuvaava Collective

A collective combining (modern) classical music and visual arts. Premiere in 2018 at Helsinki Festival. Founded and artistically led by Linda Suolahti, sculptor Mari Paikkari and composer Elisar Riddelin.

Listen from here.

Arctica Quartet

Four different personas from four different places in the world mixing together four different playing styles. Not a single thing is going to be boring with this one when the only thing that you really can expect beforehand is the form of string quartet.
Based in Lapland 2018. Formerly under the name Wild Finns' Club and Lapland Quartet.