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Creative projects and artistic productions


Unrecorded. - debut album 2023

Debut album recorded in June 2023 for Finnish leading classical music record label Alba Records. Previously unrecorded selected works by Finnish female composers' Helvi LeiviskäAnn-Elise Hannikainen and Cecilia Damström from 1928 to 2016. Released in 23rd November 2023 - stay tuned!
Linda Suolahti, violin, T
iina Karakorpi, piano, Mari Viluksela, viola

Kokonainen - Musequal


Kokonainen/Musequal festival and foundation has been spreading the word of equality in music by pointing out unknown and forgotten female composers and composers representing minorities. Commissioning new music, programming premiers outside of the musical canon.

Composers in residence:
2016-2021 Cecilia Damström
2022-2024 Rouzbeh Rafie

Organization founded and a
rtistically ran by Linda Suolahti.

Visit the webpage for more info, videos and photos:

Co-operation and commissions

Projects with Cecilia Damström (

Celestial Beigs (2016) duo for violin and viola

In my debut album (release in October 2023), we made a premiere recording with violist Mari Viluksela of Cecilia's piece "Celestial Beings" for violin and viola - dedicated to us. Here is a teaser of the piece:


WOMAN'S FATE - TRILOGY  (2017-2020)
I Minna
II Aino
III Helene
Woman's fate trilogy tells about the lives and inner lives of Minna Canth, Aino
Sibelius and Helene Schjerfbeck. These three represent Finland's most important figures in literature, music and visual arts.

The first part "Minna" is composed for piano quintet and was premiered by Kokonainen/Musequal festival in 2017. Since then there have been several performances, also abroad such as in Sweden and Estonia.
The second part "Aino" is composed for the Pierrot ensemble (flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano) and premiered in Kokonainen/Musequal festival in 2018.

The last part of the trilogy, "Helene", is composed for wind quartet and piano. "Helene" premiered in the Kokonainen/Musequal festival 2020. The entire trilogy is 90 minutes long. It can be presented as a whole or each work as separate presentations. Every part includes an admissional dance choreography.

Projects with Rouzbeh Rafie (

Trio d'archi, Cinque immagini da un canto della tenebra (String trio, Five images from a twilight song

For string trio with or without electronics (2023) 25'


Have you ever wondered what a movement in music is? How does it differ from independent one-movement pieces or different sections of a single piece with the "Attacca subito" annotation at the end? These subtle differences are not just abstract concepts, but tangible parameters that make up sound structures. The string trio strives to create an interconnected network of musical images through various movements that stand on their own yet rely on each other. While they may be closed systems, they alone cannot fully express what needs to be conveyed. Several years ago, I came across a poem by Dino Campana that left an indelible impression on me. Its haunting quality has stayed with me despite my repeated readings and learning about the author's tragic life. The title of this captivating piece is "Il canto della tenebra." My musical trio seeks to portray five vivid images described in the poem through sound.

Projects with Elisar Riddelin (

Vuolahatar for string quartet, percussion and machine hammer (2021)

According to one Finnish myth, Vuolahatar was a goddess who became pregnant from the wind and gave birth to iron. The work combines the sound of a machine hammer with the legends of iron. The tape recording is a live recording of my belated father working in his forge. The video recording is a bit poor quality because it is recorded in my fathers memorial service.

Ihtiriekko ja sielunlintu solo piece for violin (2016) (dedicated and composed for me) 

Tasmatammi, a violin concerto (2018) dedicated and composed to me, second movement premiered in Helsinki festival. This movement can be performed with two live violins or solo with a pre recorded tape. Score includes a crystal-like sound making porcelain installation by finnish sculpture artist Mari Paikkari.

Suite for violin and harp (2021), premiere broadcasted by Finnish Broadcast Company YLE

Salty - Composing and improvising

Making my own music with violin, voice and looper under the artist name Salty. Partly composed, partly improvised. Pieces with lyrics and plain instrumental.

Some examples (demos, recorded live):

Salty - Wonderland No. 3, Nitševoo
00:00 / 09:41
Salty - Wonderland No. 1, Välilehti
00:00 / 06:23
Salty - loop a minor.WAV
00:00 / 00:46
Salty - evolved loop excerpt.WAV
00:00 / 00:51

Henrik Sandås Quintet 2020-2021

HSQ - a modern tango quintet formed by five strong and personal musicians during the darkest covid-period. With soulful interpretation, virtuosity, improvisation and relentless swing, the line-up served up a charming musical setting in the footsteps of Astor Piazzolla.

The band's repertoire extends from Piazzolla's music to e.g. to the compositions of Kari Ikonen, Outi Tarkiainen, Igor Stravinsky and Kalevi Aho.

Henrik Sandås, bandoneon, 
Linda Suolahti, violin, Otto Porkkala, guitar, Matleena Nyman, piano, Eero Ignatius, bass


Full evening concert available on Youtube 

Musequal Composer Competition 2021

In 2020 I decided to create an anonymous composer competition to find a new composer in residence for Kokonainen/Musequal. In February 2021, the Musequal Composer Competition took place in Helsinki, Kulttuurikeskus Caisa as part of the Musica nova festival.
37 composers from all over the world applied for the competition, of which 6 were selected for the final.

This competition was a completely unique event in the field of art music, because it is the only composer-in-residence competition in Finland and, as far as we know, the only anonymous competition in the whole world.

The Musequal Composer Competition final concert can be streamed here:

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